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Cross Dressing Boy

He put his left hand around my waist and hugged me to him.

His right hand rubbed the surface of my short towel and began to warm my soft body. I helplessly held my towel in my hands. Then he put both his arms around my waist and leaned his face towards me as if to put a kiss on my lips. The smell of cigarettes emanating from his mouth was felt in my nose at that moment. The smell of cigarettes found in that mouth felt like a headache at that moment, but I did not know then that it would become a scent that evokes affectionate feelings over time.

I tried to push him away with my small hands but my attempt was not successful. I had to surrender unconditionally before him.

At that moment he put his lips on my lips and gave me a warm kiss. My lips felt strange healing. I felt it vibrate all over my body for a moment like an electric current. No one has ever kissed me like this before.

That was the first kiss I ever received. The fact that it was done by force is also a matter of growing skepticism.

His right hand was pointing down at my waist and massaging my soft thighs which could be easily accessed due to the short towel. In the meantime, my small penis often touched that hand.

I was standing lifeless. His left hand was behind my head and held me slightly tighter. I had no choice. The only way he could feel comfortable was to soak in the warmth of his stomach.

I felt myself disobedient and my lips searching for his lips again. Loving to kiss his lips I lifted my head and looked at him.

His hands left my thighs and completely squeezed my penis at that moment. That warmth made me cringe. In that helpless moment he once again pressed my lips together.

As my lustful half soared like a prostitute, another half of me was terrified of what was going to happen. That brought tears to my eyes. What am I afraid of?
He caressed my little penis lovingly between his fingers. From time to time I felt numb and pushed back. He squeezed my penis and testicles together and lovingly squeezed them. I have never had so much love for my little penis.

Cross Dresser

But my body was shaking. He felt that tremor too. I felt the same way he felt. His hand pulled away from my penis.
do not…. I screamed inwardly.
He grabbed me by the shoulders.
“What happened, honey?” He asked.
“Why my white baby crying?” Don’t you like it, honey? ? I was moved by his genuinely loving voice. My fears were dispelled.

He grabbed my chin and turned my face towards his. I looked at him with teary eyes. Because I was so close, I had to lift my neck slightly to look into his eyes. He is tall.

“Tell me, honey, don’t you like it?”, He asked again.
I tried to talk. But words do not come out of my mouth. He waited patiently until my uneasiness subsided.
That’s all I could say ‘I don’t know’.
“I don’t know if this is the right thing to do.”
I kept saying the same thing.

“Oh,” he laughed
“I was a little worried about that. You will like it baby. You don’t have to worry about that. I don’t do anything that sweety doesn’t like. Now dress like a good boy ”
He said lovingly protecting me.
I was really grateful to him from the bottom of my heart.
‘You don’t have to be so quick,’ my mind said.
I rolled up my towel a little and got ready to get dressed but his eyes were still staring at me.
‘God she’
I saw the erotic male gaze in those eyes at that moment.
“Can’t you go out for a while until I change my clothes, brother?”
I asked him.
He turned his head and smiled affectionately.
“Okay you put it on… I’ll look the other way.”

When I finished dressing, he looked back in shock. I was wearing a thin bra on the inside of the t-shirt. I put a shot on the bottom. The bra was pulled because of the mixed feeling of embarrassment about the breasts.

“Oh, why don’t you dress up the girl, honey?”, He asked me.
“Don’t you have any clothes?”

I tilted my head in embarrassment. How can I say that I have only one bra? Tell him that he loved to dress but did it in secret? Shall I say that he was the first man to actually see my face?

“Let’s go for a walk”
I realized he was talking to me with some purpose.
As I came downstairs he took the Scooty motorcycle to the main door and waited for me to arrive. I was a little reluctant to sit in the Scooty.
I automatically read “You go, honey”. Said. I also don’t know why he told me he was the treasure.

I could feel him looking around impulsively. I saw anger in his eyes.

“Why, what happened?” He asked me somewhat sternly.
“My tights are tight. Can’t sit on the bike. It will tear, ”I said.
“Please don’t be silly, just sit with both legs on one side,” he replied.

Without saying anything in response, I sat on the back of the scooter with both legs to one side. He was a little fat so I didn’t have much room to sit. I also had an unusually large buttocks that a boy would not normally have. So I squeezed my thighs together with difficulty and sat up. I turned to his side and leaned forward.
He had to drive the Scooty forward. At one point all of a sudden my breasts pressed against his back as he applied the brakes to slow down. He felt for a moment the comfort of my under-the-shoulder bra.

“Hold me tight, honey,” he said, speeding up the Scooty. My right hand signaled to grab his right shoulder. Then my left hand automatically wrapped around his abdomen.
“God, he made me his girlfriend, didn’t he?”
He said nothing until the end of our journey.

I did not say anything because of the strong wind blowing in my body while running fast and the unfamiliar stick I felt when he was rolling. His body was as hot as a fire. I knew it was because of the bundle of burning emotions.

The bond between him and me in the closet, and the connection we felt during this quiet journey in Scooty, had completely rebuilt our bond. I felt like I was born again. As he sped off, I hugged him tightly and became his beloved sweetheart.

About an hour later we arrived at our destination. That was his mansion. It was locked. He told me that his parents and sister had gone to his hometown to attend a wedding and that they would be staying there for a few days.

He took me straight to his older sister’s room and opened a closet with all kinds of clothes

“These are clothes that my sister does not wear, white. No one is at a loss that these things are declining. No one at home is looking for these. Choose something you like Gold ”

I still can’t even imagine if it was a scene that actually happened. When he told me to choose anything other than my sister’s wardrobe, I could hardly bear the urge to jump forward and hug and kiss him.

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