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From a young age I was always fascinated by my mom’s clothes and through it I was inspired to explore my inner female soul. I used to dress her up every time I had free time. But no one knew it. I had a little sister but the clothes were also small because she was younger. As my sister got older, I could only wear her clothes, but I preferred to wear only my mother’s clothes. My sister and I had a somewhat distant relationship.

This happened 3 months after my marriage.

I had to live in the same house where several families live together. In my family, my mother, father and younger sister, her husband and I lived in the same house.

My sister is five years younger than me. We were both married to a brother and sister from the same family at the same time. My sister was previously married and because of that relationship, my marriage also took place with the youngest daughter of the same family. It was more of a family affair than a romantic affair.

About six months after our marriage, my wife told me that she wanted to stay at her parents’ house for a while. So one day I went there and they stopped at that house and I came back to our house alone. I knew she would not be here for at least two weeks.

In those days my sister and husband were also in the same house. The reason my wife went there was because everyone was rocking there together. My sister and she and her unmarried older sister are all very good friends. Group living is not something I like so much. That’s why I didn’t stay there.

There is something to be said here. I have to remind you that our sex life after marriage was one of the happiest. Demonstrating a highly disciplined posture, she was as passionate as a prostitute in bed. All my places were burned.

Three or four days after they went there, I felt the urge to not have sex. At such a time the passion for dressing up in women, which had been away from me for a long time, resurfaced. The desire to dress up as my wife and get that inspiration was unquenchable. Her size was very similar to my body size so her clothes fit me well.

That day was exactly Sunday. Our parents had also gone out to attend the wedding of a distant relative. I knew they would not arrive until the evening.

I went in front of the mirror. I was a little cute and my body shape reflected a lot of female features. As a man, I felt my elegance as I leaned freely on the body that held me straight and tight.

When I opened the cupboard in the living room, I saw that my wife had packed the Kandyan sari she had worn the day she was a bride and all the jewelry she needed.

I was obsessed with desire and at first thought to wear only a part of them. I took the time to take a shower and remove and cleanse my body hair, in fact there were only very thin hairs on the surface of my body. But I removed all of Rome. Now I realized to myself that my body was as smooth as a young woman’s.

I came out of the bathroom and sat down in front of the mirror table in the living room and disguised myself as a woman using my wife’s makeup. Then I took out the wedding sari, and I realized it was a bit heavy. I knew that all the underwear that would fit the same sari had to be worn first. So first I took out the gold and white mixed lace bra and the women’s underwear. Just wearing that underwear made me feel a pleasant smooth smoothness. Then I put the bra on and fastened the buckles with one hand. I placed the breast mask on my breasts, which were slightly raised. It was a very healthy thing and wearing them made me realize that my penis was too hard to bear.

I stared at my sexy female figure in the mirror with a straight penis. My body was glowing in front of my eyes with amazingly feminine round shapes. The desire I have for myself, which is not me, is even stronger than the penis.

Then I put on the blouse and it felt a bit tight. But it made my little breasts look like women’s breasts jumping out of a blouse. I sent my fingers inside and stuffed the inside of the breast blouse. Then I put on a long skirt and folded the sari. Despite all that, I felt the weight of the dress, but my appearance was surprisingly sexy. As luck would have it, there was also a wig in the closet. It must have been something my wife asked for somewhere.

Then I took out all the jewelry with the rings, necklaces, earrings that were there. I finished the makeup by applying a layer of lipstick on the lips wearing them one by one.

Caught to him

Shah is very beautiful.

I thought so, but the voice came from the door of the room. I looked back in shock. Standing there was my sister’s husband.

Rangana: He was staring at me with wide eyes. Just like the eyes that look at an addicted girl.

my goodness….
He smiled wearily .I did not know how to respond to it. I kept my head down and remained speechless.

Approached the stage. He put one hand on his chin and lifted my face.

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Shah .. more beautiful than a woman .. he said passionately.
But at least one thing ..

He took a tiara from the mirror table and stuck it on my forehead.
Now you are the perfect bride ..
He also picked up a wedding ring from the leftover jewelry

I also had a desire to touch his feet like a newlywed bride. He grabbed me by the lips and in an instant he put his lips on mine and started kissing me lovingly.

Cross Dressing Romance

I was shocked by it but was tempted to enjoy it. We kissed continuously for about five minutes. He made me lie on the bed and placed his warm lips on my neck and started kissing me. Supplied with teeth in places.

Aw d. I moaned.

My penis was tight and I felt like I was suffering from not being able to come out because of the pants under the laces.

He removed my sari. He kissed my chest and the surface of my blouse like crazy. By this time I had begun to support what he was doing. It made him even more excited. He bent down, took off his pants and lay down next to me on the bed.

I was floating in heaven as he hugged me naked and affectionately.

I could feel his penis already protruding like a stiff penis and pushing into my lower back.

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He invited me to touch my face and kiss and suck it. It was like a dream I remember.

I came to Ruta near his legs as a loving wife and began to touch his erect penis with my hands. As I moved it up and down, the ring on my wrist made a croaking noise. I felt a strange liking and satisfaction for that rising voice. Then I took his mouth to his penis and kissed it with my lips for a while and slowly put it in my mouth and sucked it.

It’s such an interesting thing.

My mouth felt good as the juices flowed from his penis as he sucked for about 5 minutes. Really that sneeze sounds like a delicious jellie. I was so addicted to that taste that I eagerly sucked all of that flowing semen.

Then he took off my blouse and started playing with my breasts. Without stopping, he kissed me with his lips all over my body. He turned me around and touched my breasts, keeping my arms up. He lifted my sari and under skirt towards my waist and pulled my pants down from behind. He put his mouth in the middle of my well-filled cunt. In the meanwhile his tongue began to touch deeply.

God, how can you tolerate such pleasure?

I made a futile attempt to control the moaning that was too loud.
I could not bear his taste anymore. I was intoxicated by the urge to insert his penis into me from behind. I begged him to do so.

Please make me yours hunny…

He then widened my thighs with his hands and placed his erect penis on my lower back. It was a lot of pain at first. But then he put some baby cream on his penis and slowly inserted it. But the pain is no less. I started screaming loudly. He covered my mouth with his hand. At the same time it increased speed and thrust. After a great deal of pain, I was suddenly filled with the joy of heaven. Every blow was a masterpiece for me. I urged him to do it louder. The whole room was filled only with the sound of metal rings singing with my satisfied sighs.

For about thirty minutes he entered my body in the middle of my circle, directing me in various postures. By this time my penis was hot like iron and was tucked under my skirt. I started to touch my penis with one hand while Ranga was doing his job. It could only be done two or three times. It culminated in the sudden release of an amount of sperm that made me tremble. At that moment he too moaned and hugged me tightly and released his happiness in my body. I felt a warm rain falling on me. About five minutes later he slowly pulled his penis out of me.

We were both so tired we just lay on the bed. I was wearing an underskirt and a bra and he was lying completely naked.

It’s a Secret …

We never said a word about it beyond that. We lived our family lives as usual. But with permission I transformed into her and he looked forward to comforting me.

No matter how many times we got together after that, the sweetness we felt on that wedding day was more ingrained in both of our hearts than ever before.

2nd episode ….