Spa Head Massages

Head massages are effective in relieving stress, tension and migraines. Special head and neck manipulation triggers sensations promoting peace and relaxation. The entire procedure has a positive impact on blood circulation in the head area, thus improving brain oxygenation, concentration and leaving you with a sense of well-being. Due to these positive effects, this kind of massage can be used to treat depression and anxiety. In terms of physical benefits, this massage significantly improves the condition of the head skin, also resulting in thicker, shinier and generally healthier hair after regular treatment.

Time duration: 15 minutes

Spa Facial Massages

Facial massages offer an effective way to remove toxins from the entire face. Its regenerative and cleansing effects improve skin condition and naturally remove acne, blackheads as well as undesirable pigmentation. Our facial muscles weaken with age, which causes wrinkling. This procedure is great at softening the signs of ageing and toning your skin. Facial massages improve blood circulation and help delay the negative effects of ageing by making strained and tired muscles more flexible. This massage primarily affects the central nervous system helping eliminate stress and tension, both of which have a major negative impact not only on our appearance but also our whole frame of mind.

Time duration: 15 minutes

Spa Head, Neck & Shoulders massage

Based on Ayurvedic techniques, this excellent combination concentrates on the head, neck and shoulder region – one of the key areas in the body most affected by mental stress. Mental stress often causes the scalp to become tense, making the neck and shoulder region stiff. The massage relaxes the scalp as well as the neck and shoulder area while boosting the supply of oxygen to the brain and helping eliminate mental exhaustion. A wonderfully serene experience for those who need a break from their hectic schedules.

Time duration: 30 minutes

Spa Special Foot Reflexology treatment

The foot massage is one of the oldest forms of massage. Its age is estimated to be around the same as that of acupuncture, i.e. as old as five thousand years. Our feet contain over seven thousand nerve endings. Foot stimulation is highly relaxing as well as beneficial for the physical state of our entire organism. This therapy improves backache, migraine and sleep disorders, stimulating the nerve endings of the whole body. After a foot massage you’re sure to feel completely at ease and wonderfully content.

Time duration: 60 minutes

Full Body Intensive Massage (Abhyanga)

The use of the best Ayurvedic healing oils and carefully selected massage grips ensure the healing effect of this procedure on the whole body. The massage helps balance the blood pressure, slows down the ageing process, while also giving our immune system a boost by washing away embedded impurities from the entire body. From a psychological point of view, this kind of massage helps relieve tiredness, irritability, stress, tension, depression and anxiety. The key aspect of this therapy is the involvement of two masseurs, bringing greater stimulation and relaxation to the organism.

Time duration: 60 minutes


The Queen of Ayurvedic oil therapies, Shirodhara is a traditional, highly valued Spa treatment using a thin flow of warm oil placed on the forehead. The top of the head is gently massaged during the course of the procedure. The massage brings a deep sense of calm and contentment, helping to improve headaches, depression, psychological tension, insomnia and migraines. It has a beneficial impact on our brain function and memory. It is not uncommon for patients to fall into a peaceful sleep; if you suffer from insomnia, this massage is ideal for you. Afterwards you will feel refreshed and cleansed of everyday stress.

Time duration: 60 minute

Full body massage, steam sauna and herbal bath

Special treatment involving warm water being poured from a small jug all over your resting body, putting you into a deeply relaxing and soothing state. Special mixes of herbal extracts, spice extracts or essential oils are added to the water according to your specific needs.  A great remedy leaving your body and mind calm, nourished and revitalized while also having a detoxifying effect.

Time duration: 90 minute

Spa Thermo Massage (Pindasweda)

Pindasveda is a highly effective rejuvenation treatment designed to revitalize the entire body. It involves a special type of cooked rice, tied into a cotton ball, dipped into a herbal mixture with warm milk and then gently massaged onto the body. The healing properties of the herbs are easily absorbed into the skin. This delightful body treatment is helpful for detoxifying and enhancing the skin’s appearance. It promotes circulation and pushes fresh energy up to the surface. Apart from skin conditions, this massage also helps relax stiff muscles and trapped nerves.

Time duration: 90 minutes

Full Body massage and body scrub

This treatment offers many benefits for your entire body and well-being. These benefits include stimulating the metabolism, exfoliating dead skin cells, stimulating the lymphatic system, and helping to deliver nutrients to the body, boosting the immune system while eliminating toxins. Other benefits include smoothing out skin irregularities, correcting uneven skin tone, helping your skin become toned& firm, smoothing & hydrating all skin types, and visually improving the skin’s appearance leaving you with a bright and healthy “glow”. This treatment leaves your skin feeling soft and velvety smooth.

Time duration: 90 minutes

Full body massage, body scrub and steam Sauna (steam bath, Svedan box)

The Ayurvedic steam sauna is based on the even warming of the whole body except for the head. The procedure is carried out in a wooden box on a grill through which herbal steam passes from underneath. The steam completely fills the box, warming the body slowly and non-invasively. The warming process is carried out at lower temperatures than in traditional European saunas – the box temperature is around 40 to 50 degrees Celsius (104 to 122 Fahrenheit). Due to the lower temperature this type of sauna is suitable for people who cannot tolerate the thigh temperatures of traditional European type saunas. It is equally important that your head is outside the box so the inhaled air is at room temperature and the head, brain and lungs do not overheat (as it is the case for instance for the Finnish sauna). This procedure is particularly beneficial after oil massages. Oil is absorbed perfectly into the skin and the body eliminates toxins. The body relaxes and your skin will be rejuvenated.

Time duration: 105 minutes

Yoga Pavilion

Our hotel also has a unique yoga pavilion offering you the extraordinary opportunity to exercise in our beautiful gardens.

The Yoga pavilion is a hugely valuable facility used to host a wide range of physical seminars.

The size of the pavilion is 96m2, 4m2 per person with 24 people.