Gay Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan Gay community is one of the most discriminated against in the world. They are constantly living with fear and isolation because they are not accepted by their families or society.

In a country where being gay is a crime, they are seen as criminals. There is no protection for them outside of their homes. When they go to work, to school, or just out on the street, they have to live with constant surveillance and judgment from others.

This leads to them being discriminated against in all areas of life over and over again for who they are. They don’t have any legal protection from discrimination because they don’t have any rights at all as a Gay person in Sri Lanka.

But the thing is more than 30000 people searching gay sex videos over the internet per day. Gay sex clips and Gay porn tubes became very popularl in Sri Lanka last few years. This is an indication of people. what they think and how rules going against it.